Dan, Melilda, and Walter meet in the breakroom

  • Dan, Melilda, and Walter meet in the breakroom at 10am each weekday. They each eat a donut and tell an off-color sexual joke. Sometimes, other coworkers share the breakroom. Is
  • this sad? The answer is yes. Dan, Melida and Walter live in Retail Limbo. They are cashiers. They watch dancing with the stars. They have no expertise. The breakroom is their only
  • oasis. Every afternoon at 3, at the Sam's Club, they take their coffee break. Melinda knits as Walter and Dan continue their marathon game of Magic the Gathering. When the lights
  • flash for emergency sample shortages, Melinda breaks into the pretzel-halves stash in her vest pocket. But the recurring brain frostbite from free ICEE's has impaired her motor
  • skills & she can't recombine the mini pretzel twists to form Fluttershy's cutey mark. As Melinda grasped for scattering pretzel pieces despite her brainfreeze, the room lurched to
  • The fire escape door.
  • He was in a situation where he didn't know what to do. It was embarrassing. Who would have thought his pants were so flammable? He pushed open the fire door setting off the alarm
  • Because of imrpoper wiring the wrong alarm went off. SWAT stormed the building and now he must find a way to extinguish his pants and avoid a team SWAT simultaneously.
  • An idea came to him as if a blessing, of course, he would just find a fire extinguisher, before he could go anywhere though his shirt also caught fire. He would have to run.
  • so fast to survive the flames because father was going keep teh flames going if he dint run fast enough, father has his tire iron with him so better keep running before time is out


  1. Crazydance Jun 15 2016 @ 14:53

    So sad the game didn't finish.

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