Salvation is about more than life and death.

  • Salvation is about more than life and death. It is about freedom from the corrupt nature and the prisons with which we create a lie of ourselves. Salvation is not having to look
  • back on your life & berate yourself for all the times you screwed up, cussed, cheated, lied, fornicated, stole, killed, lusted, or slept in on the Sabbath. Salvation brings hope
  • those without a clue. Instead, I got close to my inner-critic, if I befriend her then maybe I can find her weaknesses and start criticizing her.
  • So I took her out for lunch, carefully jotting down every breach of etiquette and every morsel left between her teeth. When I had collected enough criticism of her, I published a
  • scathing editorial about her horrifying manners and disgusting smile. It was republished in twenty seven different newspapers and I plastered the article on electrical poles in six
  • states. When she saw the news, she immediately filed a defamation case against me, claiming I was throwing mud on her name for political reasons. I couldn't afford a lawyer, so I
  • threw mud on her name for political reasons to collect donations for my fight against her unjust claims that I threw mud on her name for political reasons. That makes sense. I thou
  • ght that repeating myself would disengage people from political nonsense, even though sometimes it made sense. Next, muddy feces were thrown.
  • Ringggggggg… “Oh, wow!” cried the therapist, opening his phone and disarming the timer, “Can you believe sixty minutes went by that fast. Like a hummingbird. Zip.” “But I was just
  • getting to where I discover the cure for stupidity,” revealed the man, refusing to leave. “It’ll have to wait ‘til next week,” declared the therapist, “That’s 300 bucks for today!”


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