This list of lists of stories about foldingstory

  • This list of lists of stories about foldingstory is destined to top the list of top stories since the best stories are lists or metastories & this is a metalist of metastories

  • By why stop there? How about a list of the lists of the lists of stories on this website. What could possibly go wrong?

  • After all, lists keep the world from falling apart. They are organizational tools-the more lists, the better! So Jimmy got to work putting more lists onto the website to try and

  • organize his chaotic world. Jimmy's quest for the ultimate list began. 1) List lists of things about which to make lists. 2) List lists within lists to improve original lists. 3)

  • List the ultimate list, a meta-list listing all sub-lists which list all lists except the meta-list. 4) List all recursive lists which list lists contained within the lists listed.

  • 5) Build Library of Babel to house the list of lists of lists, ad nauseam. 6) Subdivide list-lists into bound volumes to be shelved in library. 7) Find a high-volume publisher for

  • Where the Horny Monks Go. 8) So many miles think thin when on soft cheese mistakes. 9) The tremolo that won't be heard because of taste and/or purity. 10) 2 notes only is my life.

  • 11) nothing is permanent. 12) no computer is immune from being hacked. 13) hijacking a drone is a federal offense. 14) this winter will be very cold. 15) once a week, clean your

  • bottom drawers out. Damn that's dirty! 16) Wear a dust-proof face mask, goggles, gloves, and maybe full body armor. You cannot be too careful these days. 17) Tidy those

  • last minute creases. Rats, the list is endless & I'm falling between the cracks. I think I'll lay down until the feeling passes. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe not.



  1. LordVacuity Sep 27 2016 @ 21:14

    That'll do Folks. That'll do.

  2. SlimWhitman Sep 28 2016 @ 15:11

    I wanted to make fun of the trend wherein the list of top stories lists list stories and foldingstories about foldingstory.

  3. Gibber Sep 28 2016 @ 17:32

    Another 165 likes will put it at the top of the list of top stories. It will be difficult to beat the one with sound effects without sound effects. [forehead slap] [coffee brewing]

  4. SlimWhitman Sep 28 2016 @ 19:09

    [recording sound of tape recorder recording [forehead slap][coffee brewing]]

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