Somewhere the fire was burning, but my friend

  • Somewhere the fire was burning, but my friend and I couldn't tell where it was coming from. We were driving to Seattle to visit another friend of mine. As we

  • drove, I casually looked into the back of the car. Flames were licking the upholstery. I tapped my friend's shoulder. "Stop that, it is only few more miles to Seattle, what is it?"

  • "I don't know & I don't care," my friend replied. "I only know we need to get to Seattle to see our other friend." "But...our car...is on fire...see? Behind us..." "It's nothing."

  • "You call that an engine fire?" she said, swatting flames with a rag. "See, boom. Gone. What fire." "Yeah, I guess, OK." They got back in the Mazda & headed up I-5N out of Portland

  • Putting the so-called engine fire to the back of her mind, she looked for something to do. "So where do you want to go in this piece of shit?" "I dunno, Canada?" "Sound. Let's go."

  • Dale Griffith's stomach still hurt from where Neil slugged him. I guess he couldn't blame him. The car had burned to a smoldering shell with no roof. It was getting dark and cold

  • and there were no cars to be seen on the road. "Why am I such an idiot?" Dale murmered, sweeping a kick at the dead car. Neil was walking up the road to see if he could see anyone

  • Neil caught a glimpse of a person in the distance riding on a horse and cart; he quickly bolted off and shouted towards the man in hopes he would see them

  • He saw them. The carriage slowly turned around. Finally, Neil thought. They were saved! It was getting dark. The man seemed to be wearing a black robe.

  • That's when everyone caught fire. The flames were strange, at least three colors. They still burnt all the same.



  1. PurpleProf Jun 10 2014 @ 18:07

    No. Way.

  2. 49erFaithful Jun 10 2014 @ 19:29

    This story is on fire.

  3. Scribbly Jun 10 2014 @ 19:39

    "they still burnt all the same" haha

  4. MoralEnd May 15 2016 @ 15:09

    This one is real special.

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