In Hungary, a museum finally opened to allow

  • In Hungary, a museum finally opened to allow ponies in to see the Holy Right Hand of St. Stephen, a controversial and tremendous act done like none before.

  • Mister Ed, the talking horse, had literate and outspoken offspring. They found the cats at the door most hospitable, more so than humans. Mister Ed insisted on coming too.

  • Everyone agreed that was okay, as long as Mr Ed understood some ground rules. 1) No late night partying. 2) No napping on the couch. That was the cats' territory. 3)

  • No sleeping in Granny's bed on nights she was conscious. Mr Ed neighed his consent, and proceeded to fill the living room rug with exuberance-dung. Now to enroll him in our school.

  • Since Ed was a gift horse, after enrolling him we renamed it School for the Gift Ed & promptly had a stable full of well shod students from rich jockeys. Granny said "The old ass

  • hat down the street use to ride here before he left for greener pastures." "Stop your nagging, Granny! I already enrolled in the School for the Gift Ed." I started on Monday with

  • Santa's elves. The School for the Gift Ed was running a trial to see if humans would be suitable as helpers too. Elves were distrustful of humans, though because

  • of that whole Middle Earth fiasco. Plus there was the height disparity. At first the human-elf rivalry at the North Pole was the typical juvenile hijinks, but when Papa Elf took a

  • stand that all toilets be built for elfin derrières, the humans striked. Santa sipped cocoa as he looked down at inter-species violence. "All naughty, release the polar bears."

  • The doors slowly opened, and from underneath the polar bears rushed into Santa's workshop, stopping the insurrection in its tracks. Christmas was once again a Silent Night.



  1. KnoppferHang Apr 21 2016 @ 09:06

    Well... THAT happened.

  2. Chaz Apr 21 2016 @ 18:10

    It was both controversial and tremendous.

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