It was a drive-by shooting, only it was film

  • It was a drive-by shooting, only it was film instead of bullets.
  • And the ancient tribe believed the photographs stole their soul, and in their faith, they died as the jeep sped past. Barney, the photographer, inherited a notorious reputation
  • for capturing the first and last images of previously unknown tribes of the Congo, Amazonas, and Papua. His success curve inverted though when he met the Selfie tribe.of Inner L.A.
  • The terrain of Inner L.A. looked like looked like a porn director's dream location. It was on these streets that the Selfie tribes first began in the late 1990s. From the Carl's Jr
  • Bad Caverns with Cheddarjack Cheese to the historic Helter Skelter museum, SoCal pandered to the fondest dregs of society. Deja vu was a common malady the Selfie tribes spread
  • like the STIs they spread as well. It was getting such that a regular mook like gumba Gouda Flatulente. Society already looked down on kneecappers like him. Now add the bleeding
  • and the pus seeping out of bright red sores, and you’ve got another reason to not only be seen as but truly feel disgusting, even more worthless than a crack in the sidewalk.
  • But I still love you, pustules and all. Come, my darling, let me don a pair of purple rubber gloves and rub you down with salve. I know I'm weird, but everyone has their fetish.
  • Purple gloves and salve are not weird, my Peach, unless worn by a Nun in a red crotchless thong... Before he could finish, she fell into a coma. His pustules soon crusted over.
  • He decided to sit in the bean bag chair while he waited. He hadn't sat in one in ages. He started playing around and his feet lost contact with the floor, It swallowed him whole.


  1. dookierouser Jul 05 2021 @ 02:39

    it is a case of faba peram sella ex Machina. That is what this is.

  2. Jimbeau Jul 05 2021 @ 12:54

    What if there were HD micromini cameras inside each bullet? What if an army of miniaturized zombies were inserted into the bullets? Slo-mo HD digitation both educational and entertaining.

  3. Zetawilk Jul 06 2021 @ 19:17

    I think we should write lots more documentaries.

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