As the door slammed shut behind him he knew

  • As the door slammed shut behind him he knew there was no going back again, for a moment he gulped for air and got a sickening twist in his innards, but after he exhailed he felt

  • pleasant feeling of release. Chunks splattered into the water, and some dirty drops hit his buttocks. "Gross." He quickly wiped and left without flushing. The next man in line

  • agreed with his comment but not his actions voiding the previous contribution with a stream of consciousness of gleaming cowrie shells, saltstraumen, and purifying incatations

  • unlike any he had created before. "Follow me," he said, "And I shall show you how to live." Together they traveled into the darkness, arm in arm, until finally stopping at a small

  • convenience store with only one working gas pump. They went inside and found nobody behind the counter. "Should we rob it?" he joked. "Shh," she said, pointing at the corner, where

  • the faint sound of snoring could be heard. They peered over to the other side to find the clerk asleep, using a stack of magazines as a pillow. "I guess this is what happens when

  • you put tranquilizers on the donuts in the break room," said a weird man in a lab coat and some very torn blue jeans as he scooted out the door on a skateboard. No-one could identi

  • Fy him until after he jumped under the Purple Line train at Foster. How could it take so long? Dr. Gfsgjjoooliev asked that question until Sgt. Friday responded by email:

  • "Please stop messaging me." was Sgt Friday's email response. Well drat that meant that Dr. Gfsgjjoooliev would have to find another way to get his answers.

  • He went back to the scene, the questions weighing him down, he barely made progress. For each he answered spawned eight more questions like a Hydra. With no Hylas to help him this



  1. LordVacuity Dec 08 2016 @ 21:58

    Time. So sorry so sorry. I forgot it was the last line.

  2. Woab Dec 09 2016 @ 15:01

    All we who hath forgotten the last line before, now hail you. Come, join us, brother. Don't be afraid just because we are a little creepy and don't respect your personal space. Hey, where are you going? Hey!

  3. LordVacuity Dec 09 2016 @ 18:20

    I started hearing the end of your comment Woab in the voice of Maggie Estep.

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