She was a tiny dancer with awesome magical

  • She was a tiny dancer with awesome magical powers to
  • o many to list. But she had low self esteem so she became a private tiny dancer. A dancer for money. Any old music would do. By day she was a seamstress for the band. Her powers
  • saved my life at night, sugar bear. You almost had your hooks in me, didn't you dear? You nearly had me roped and tied, altar-bound and hypnotized. Sweet freedom whispered in my
  • ear. Lady Liberty tickled at my chin. I knew suddenly that you were not for me, and (more importantly) I am not for you, despite your charms. I needed an exit strategy, and you
  • are blocking my way like a French sans-culottes in front of burning barricades in old Paris. Yes, your anti-monarchist sentiment indicates I am no longer King of Your Heart & Maste
  • r of Your Every Thought and Deed, but is a fallen king nothing more than a strange little man who tugs at your sleeve and requests an invitation to dinner?" The strange little man
  • had a strange little face. He could deter anyone, and his lack of understanding of personal space pushed people away, but you'll still dine with this strange little man, for he is
  • most insistent. Most insistent he is. You shall see. Mortimer rubbed his formaldehyde-scented hands together. He had created the Homonculus himself & relished sending him on blind
  • -folded scavenger hunt in search of the finest tuna salad sandwich. He was an avid pickle taster, you see. Mortimer waited anxiously for Homonculus to return.
  • Little did he know that Homunculus was never to be seen again, as this had all been part of his plan to take over the world by stealing the entire planet's supply of pickles.


  1. Gibber Nov 26 2014 @ 18:44

    I put Mortimer, the Homunculus and the Tiny Dancer in another story: http://foldingstory.com/7n0fe/

  2. Gibber Nov 26 2014 @ 18:54

    And another: http://foldingstory.com/b9il0/

  3. m80 Dec 05 2014 @ 01:06

    And Sister Homunculus appears here: http://foldingstory.com/dnd3m/

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