It is friendly and polite to say "Hello"

  • It is friendly and polite to say "Hello" when you see someone you know. In the morning you can say "Good morning" or when you pass someone in the hall you can say "HI".

  • Or you can say "hows it hanging?" or "How you doing?". Whatever you do don't let your panic show and keep your bowels in check. People will avoid you if you crap your pants.

  • Except in Walmart, where the vested peons will have to follow you around in disgust, cleaning up your own leaking fecal matter as you trail it through the rickety aisles across the

  • lawn and garden section. But over in Wal-Mart's electronics section, a revolution was erupting. Freedom. Occupy Wal-Mart's Electronics section started because the Toy Story III DVD

  • was seen as recapitulation of Animal Story with Lotso the evil capitalist overlord & the toys were seen as revolutionaries. The Occupy Wal-Mart's Electronic Section movement

  • Used meat cleavers on the big screen televisions, computers, smart watches, Google glasses and other "smart" gadgets, then turned into invisible white rabbits so the cameras would

  • work well but only in Wonderland. Invisible white rabbits only become visible in such places. Alice checked her "smart" clothing and discovered for the nth time that yes, there

  • was a visible panty line. Alice adjusted her apron to cover the tell-tale indentations as the white rabbit told his tale. "When I am invisible, I am no longer white," he began.

  • “I become the Grey Rabbit, the leading proponent of the Lupine Agenda. I get militant about the hraka schedules of our warrens. I live by the Code of Fiver.” Alice was taken aback.

  • This deluded bunny had totally lost the plot. With a swift kick to its nether regions, Alice sent it to oblivion, never to be seen again.



  1. Woab Oct 16 2017 @ 11:04

    Aw. I'm gonna miss seeing that invisible rabbit.

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