I looked at my childhood home from afar.

  • I looked at my childhood home from afar. All my toys and things were being sold. My mom cried my dad clenched his fists I wish I could comfort them but I couldn't cause I was dead

  • tired from working a 14 hour shift in the coal mine. Since my other siblings had already died from either accidents in the mine or disease, I was the only child left to support my

  • my aging father's strange addiction to inflatable whales. After each day down the mine I would spend nearly all my earnings on a new inflatable whale leaving very little for

  • us to eat. As for entertainment, we always had our neighbor, Mrs. Wilbur. She loved stories. Especially if their source was muddy and unknown. How she loved to gossip! She stated

  • emphatically, "I think Mr. Wilbur is having an affair with UPS woman. She said she has a 'package' for Mr. Wilbur and wouldn't let me sign for it. Can you imagine? Me, his Wife

  • , not allowed to receive anything on his behalf. I'd bet that 'package' is a code word for whatever filthy activity they're getting up to when I'm not around." Mrs Wilbur

  • snuck in the back of delivery van, hid behind some parcels. The courier sped off, stopped. She-driver and Mr. Wilbur came in back. Mrs. W. held her breath. "The CIA thanks u, Mr. W

  • Ilbur, for your robocop force issuing tickets. Good job terrorizing the minions." Under the rug, the three headed sea-mice waited to pounce and spit in Mr. Wilbur's shoes. It smelt

  • mildly angry. Mr. WIlbur lifted the center head while caressing the other 2 and asked the sea-mice why it felt angry and what could he do to make him feel better. The sea-mice spit

  • in his face and said,"I am not looking for answers, I am looking for sympathy. You have no idea what it's like to be us!" Then it began to cry, and Mr. Wilbur held it in his arms.



  1. Woab Mar 09 2017 @ 10:06

    Mr. Wilbur gets around.

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