This is a test

  • This is a test

  • I'll just give this story writing machine a poke and see if it sets itself in gear. Mind, I'm not going to commit any of my own creative juice. But a storymachine left unattended

  • tends to explode with unknown synergizing freakiness. You get stories with mad clowns and nude hobbit feet. We can't have a story machine popping those out. So, POKE! *Buzz pop!*

  • "TZz..Tzz." Damnit. I hit the Story Machine harder. A huge spark exploded and left y eyebrows singed. "Listen you!" I threatened. "Cough up better work! Throw in some cows or somet

  • hing!" I immediately felt regret. That was out of line.



  1. Woab Sep 04 2019 @ 15:40

    20 lines?! ValkyrieGrrl, I think you broke the Story Machine! But Tatsuya's ending was perfect.

  2. Woab Sep 04 2019 @ 15:43

    Also odd is that I'm the first to like any lines, I have liked 4, and the Score is now 5 even though only 4 lines are liked. Maybe we should have the cow removed.

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