Pooh left the therapist's office elated.

  • Pooh left the therapist's office elated. He felt empowered. He'd finally gotten in touch with his inner self, something that he repressed. Piglet said, "Hi Pooh" and Pooh ate him.

  • Pooh hung his head but kept his eyes straight ahead to give him that cool evil look with moody shadows around his eyes. He wiped Piglets blood from his mouth with the back of a paw

  • . Christopher Robin rapped smartly on the door of 'Tresspasser's Will' "Pooh? Seen Piglet?" Pooh stepped out in chains and mohawk. "No, I just had some ham for my rumbly tumbly."

  • Christopher Robin's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the implications of this. "Well um...if you see Piglet, please give him this." Smirking, Pooh pocketed the note and

  • seductively licked the honey off of his Paw. "Oh bother, Christopher Robin.. Are you sure that you can't stay? I am sure that Piglet will be here any moment" he moaned

  • at the sudden realization that he was no longer the sweet innocent Pooh Bear from before. Pooh burst into tears."I...I just want 100 Acre Woods to be utopian again!" Chris Robin

  • shook Pooh's shoulders roughly. "We can never go back. You know what happened to Tigger." Both shivered at the thought. "Here put these on." Chris Robin threw him a pair of pants

  • Grasping them he said, "Pooh's only wear cuddly pants." Exasperated Christopher said. "They're lederhosen. Now put them on before someone comes!" Pooh fumbled with the suspenders

  • And got them on just in time! The honey pot was what Pooh craved most. But he followed instructions. The lederhosen looked okay on Pooh. A little boy passed by and complimented him

  • . Pooh beamed and warmly invited the child to his den. Sadly, a dour beat cop overheard the word "honey" spoken repeatedly, took one look at Pooh in his lederhosen & arrested him.



  1. Chaz Mar 28 2016 @ 20:56

    A bare bear? (Embarrassing.)

  2. Dhanithecat Mar 28 2016 @ 21:49

    I laughed out loud folding this story. Folding stories are good therapy.

  3. SlimWhitman Mar 29 2016 @ 03:46

    It workings on rereading to, the therapeutic effect of laughing while reading a folding story - TEOLWRAFS in the jargon ;-)

  4. KnoppferHang Apr 07 2016 @ 08:03

    "One of A. A. Milne's best work since Winnie the Pooh and the Toilet Incident!" - The FoldingStory Post 5 / 5 - This Guy

  5. Flopp Apr 23 2016 @ 11:50


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