I handed them the bent spoon. "That's it?"

  • I handed them the bent spoon. "That's it?" "Yes, that's it." "No clairvoyance, remote viewing or ESP?" "Nope." "I'm not sure if your the sort of agent we want for the CIA." "Wait,

  • I can levitate," I said ..."Sir, you're just standing on your tiptoes." "I knew you'd say that." The first CIA recruiter gasped. "You KNEW I'd say that? You're hired, psychofreak."

  • The CIA agent then blindfolds you, bring you to a dark room. He hands you what feels like a spandex costume. You then open your eyes to find your crew, the Psychofreaks. Psycho Jim

  • steps forward, his one good eye shimmering. "It's good to have you back sir. We thought we'd lost you to those bastards." Jim opens a folder. "But I've got some bad news. Your son

  • is severely in debt." His good eye turns red. "How in Luroad's name could this happen?" Jim pulls a scented paper from the folder. It smells of shine lillies. "Your son wagered."

  • "Why would he do such a thing?" It is atrocious that

  • he did that. Why I ought to

  • just leave you hanging there, without any water or shelter within 100 miles. How can you say what's fair? What's fair my dear one is to let you

  • off with a warning, but then you'll OWE me, see? Someday I'll be calling in that favor, see? Like when my bus. assoc. Aren't playing along, see? You'll pick up my dry cleaning, rig

  • ht? and dammit if I see a stain, you can bet I'll be a mad son of a gun, see?" her smiled at the nod he received. " Good, good. I think we're gonna be fast friends, yeah? right!"



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