The headlines were emblazoned with "Jack,

  • The headlines were emblazoned with "Jack, Jill Fall Down Hill, Severe Injuries" . Jack really didn't like the attention, but Jill was happy for it. She just got to show off her

  • skill with a blade. Jack's crown needed emergency surgery, and Jill had played more doctor than ma and pa put together. A crowd gathered, and Jill ramped up the theatrics. "Blood

  • Brothers 'til the end?" She looked at Jack and winked. In the crowd was number 4 of the Ten Lil' Indians. "That's racist, Jill." Uh oh, this sounded like a confrontation.

  • "Oh come on Jack," said Jill. "I think #4 is tall dark and gorgeous. The rest of the 10 Lil' Indian line-up isn't so bad either, but #4..." Her voice faded. Ms. Muffet huffed.

  • Muffet huffed and huffed and blew the ten little Indian's down. She was not interested in 1,2,3 or 5,6,7,8,9 and 10. 4 she kept out of courtesy for me. You marry #4 she quip

  • ped & then she did. They were married by the Indian Agent who was captaining the Reservation Ark. He was famous for having once made some observation about a failure to communicate

  • which he then resolved by transforming into a heron to speak with the vulture aliens of Avos XII. That Indian Agent went on to shuttle many newlywed Native American couples through

  • the galaxy to Avos XII where they could have a honeymoon in a peaceful tepee, far from the madding crowds of Earth, that is if they didn't mind all the vulture aliens. The Agent

  • got himself disintegrated by Scolding Crow Henderson's blaster. "Sorry, vulture aliens of Avos XII. We'll print you up some tasty chow after our pad assembles itself." His wife

  • Crow Princess Murdered Roadkill Henderson, nodded her yellow beak. The pad assembled Crow's Nest Ornithos 1, and they settled in for a long caw of conquest as the vultures circled.



  1. Woab Oct 26 2019 @ 11:53

    "True Blood Brothers til the end" is a musical number from Peter Pan. I played a Lost Boy in one production. My little sister played an 'Indian', but not Indian #4.

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