• SELECT * FROM People P LEFT OUTER JOIN Relations R on R.with = P.id WHERE P.iq > 140 AND P.sex = 'F' AND R.with IS NULL;
  • "The result set came back empty." the developer whined. "I see you joined the tables on a null column... You had to inner join on the primary key!", the lead developer yelled, punc
  • tuating every word with a head bob. "Well why is it null? We obviously need to reimport the table using UTF-16." "Right! And break our pipeline," huffed the lead dev. An intern
  • ee who was interned for political reasons but still managed a certain level of trust because of his programming skills. Shawshunk could not afford a full time programmer so Andy
  • the terrible pole dancer would have to do. besides, hiring good employees is overrated. Just then, the front door shattered and the man
  • stepped across the threshold of the now shattered door. He raised a water gun and demanded to see all the cash available. The people inside the building screamed for help, there wa
  • -s the sound of thunder, and then Aquaman came riding in on a tsunami to save the day. "I'll take that," Aquaman said to the criminal as he swiped the water gun from his webbed
  • ... arm? Tentacle? Appendage? Aquaman wasn't sure he understood the criminal's anatomy but he was sure he didn't like it. "Listen, I know a really well-reviewed doctor that
  • can handle a cephalopod's obscure medicinal needs. Call this number, ask for Dr. Saul-Jesus, and tell him what you've been prescribed." Aquaman patted the criminal on the back and
  • went to get his prescription. Once filled, he took a dose and swam off. Little did he realize he’d been given a laxative, and he began expelling liquid shit and polluting the sea.


  1. St.Molecule Jun 06 2021 @ 14:21

    That is why I'm not allowed in the ocean anymore. Stupid roach coach lobster.

  2. St.Molecule Jun 06 2021 @ 14:23

    And why Billy Ocean won''t let me get into his car.

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