The letter 'a' is canary yellow, with fuzzy

  • The letter 'a' is canary yellow, with fuzzy edges.
  • Great! now... *click* "A rasberry 'r' facing left" Excellent, and now...*click* "A hairy monster with multiple eyes." Umm... *click* "Dark abysses on a blood-red plane."
  • Okay... *click* "Dazzling starlight fading into blackness." *click* "Alien forms slithering through a maze of underground caves." Uh...*click* "Claws raking blood-red sand."
  • *swallow* "Well Doc. that was our family's beach vacation. What do you make of it? "Where'd you take your vacation?" "We booked it with a place called 'Nostromo Tours'
  • "How do they rate? Scalpel, please." I handed it to him "Terrific. Five star hotels all the way." Doc got excited: "Were their rates reason...oops!" "Yes. Shame about the patient."
  • "Hey Moe, we got another one for the morgue," the surgeon called to a shabby man in the corner. "So anyway," the Doc continued, "The food was terrific, but we all got the trots."
  • Manny winced. He remembered how that went for them the last time they had the trots. Not sorry for having missed that. Meanwhile, Shabby had still not seen to the dead man on the g
  • Round. Manny was watching the horses race each other and realised he had better on the wrong horse. Shabby was watching the shootout too. Then the TV went black and shattered.
  • “How’d that TV just shatter?” Manny asked Shabby. Turning cautiously around on the couch they saw Annie Oakley, her gun barrel smoking. “I shot out the TV! Now reach for the sky!"
  • Apparently, Reach for the Sky had multiple meanings since Manny did a belly flop to the floor and Shabby jumped onto the sofa, reached up high & was decapitated by the ceiling fan.


  1. Jimbeau Dec 07 2020 @ 08:51

    I was in the mood for a violent, R-rated death. I'm not sure why. But, I think TarotGuy set me up when he introduced Annie Oakley with a smoking gun...that was too obvious, too obvious for bullets. It needed a decapitation scene.

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