It was pretty basic. Evidently the owner

  • It was pretty basic. Evidently the owner thought that the urine stain on the bed was all the decor the hotel room needed.

  • So he proceeded to stand upon a very flimsy metal chair that he had found off in the corner of the room. He stood there, exposed, looking down on the empty bed and began to pee.

  • His urine formed a golden arc, ending at his pillow. Relieved, he pulled his pants back up. It was already beginning to stink badly. Why didn't the prison guards provide a

  • Why didnt the prison guarsd provided as such a sad surrounding, he couldn't understand. He couldn't do but just bear with the stinking smell

  • . He had to escape this prison. He would dig a tunnel in his wall, and hide it behind a picture of Rita Hayworth.

  • He wondered if there were any posters of Rita going down on another hot chick. He'd have to look into that. He spent so much time looking at posters that his prison escape plans

  • from Shawshank totally flopped. He couldn't very well tunnel through the prison wall at night when he had...other things to do then. One day the warden said to him

  • in a stern tone, "Mr. Dufresne? Are you maaaaaaaasturbating in here?" Andy had no choice but to lie and say, "No. I'm shagging your wife, Warden Norton!" Andy got to walk the very

  • narrow line between being a lovable asshole and an outright douchebag. He ran his hand across his five o' clock shadow in the mirror. His brother, Kevin, would be coming to live

  • for a minute before going to the other side of himself by turning his head to the right, which was what passed as privacy for most Siamese twins. "Hello," said Kevin. "Bye."



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