I tentatively removed a wooden block and

  • I tentatively removed a wooden block and the tower came crashing down. It released a puff of red smoke that negotiated its way up Sarah's nose. She

  • she puts her hands at her nose covering it from smelling the red smoke. The red smoke was poisonous, everyone who smell it will die lack of oxygen and energy in their body.

  • She crouched low for one last breath and said her prayers and farewells. But she came to again in the arms of a young man of the Chlorofolk, and the red smoke was gone. "Vespertine

  • serpantine smokers of the deep. Princess of the Lost City, I am here your sulphurous soul to keep." Sarcinia blinked. "Where am I? Who are you?" The Chlorofolkian Bard replied, "

  • To put it simply, I am your bitch." He gave an exaggerated, sweeping bow and knelt by the princess' feet. Sarcinia regarded the strange man with distaste. "As Princess, it is my

  • sworn obligation never to consort with bitches." She clapped once, and six hermetically sealed chambers either side of the court opened. Feral bishops emerged, and scampered toward

  • prepared to give their three clawed benediction to every sinner, relapsed troglodyte, and bottom card dealer. Their mitre's were charged with Righteousness & plasma lasers. They co

  • rralled the congregation in the nave. They had the Altar Boys clear the pews with fire. These bishop-generals were preparing to meet the Adversary at Armageddon. But on what side?

  • No one was entirely certain, since the bishop-generals wore both crucifixes and pentagrams around their leathery necks. I guess they were hedging their bets. When Armegeddon

  • comes, those leathery necks - although thick much like their skulls - were no guarantee of survival of the bishop-generals' lives ... or their immortal souls.



  1. Woab Dec 09 2018 @ 14:32

    Boffo finale, Mr. Davodd!

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