It's easy to fuck a stranger. It's fucking

  • It's easy to fuck a stranger. It's fucking someone you love that's hard. The slow boring grind of bringing pleasure to someone out of obligation. He knew he shouldn't but

  • he opened his Christmas presents a day early. He got a singing tie and a singing fish. But he didn't get that which he desired most - a singing toothbrush. He struck his wife with

  • that glare of despondency. "You know I karaoke when I'm brushing." Bitter, he kicked over the tree, left his missus and walked into the frigid air. Santa knew... he always knew.

  • Mrs. Claus was such a slut. "Come back!" She yelled. But he was through with her, "Was there an elf you DIDN'T sleep with? Their basically kids you perv!" He sidled into the sleigh

  • threw all his belongings in his sack & his reindeer shot into the sky. Mrs Claus was open-mouthed although Happy had a sneaky grin on his face. She decided to round up the dwarves

  • and make them join hands and say a Demonic chant, summoning the Dread Lord Tiki. Mrs. Claus and Bashful fell over in fright while the others continued. Only another five minutes

  • later there was a knock at the door. The elves and Mrs. Claus shut up immediately. Was that the demon they summoned? Rudolph opened the door. His nose exploded with redness because

  • he'd been drinking quite heavily. As he stumbled into the living room mouthing off considerably to his employers, a fire burned off in the distance. It looked like the demon was

  • furious, when in fact it was just the way he expressed himself when he was excited. Much misunderstood, the demon had been a recluse until now. What had changed?

  • He'd been visiting group therapy at the demon retreat, and discovered that just like Beealzebub, Asmodeus, Jezebeth, and Mammon, he only wanted to be loved for who he was.



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