We decided to head to Ibiza and eat some

  • We decided to head to Ibiza and eat some pizza, but then I got distracted by the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell which changed my mind and made me begin to crave a Doritios

  • PepperoniMcFlurry. The combination of the doritos & cheese mixed with the icemilk and the colored sprinkles can make anyone smile. I have no idea why it didn't test well in some

  • insane asylums, but they were already smiling so much, maybe no one was able to notice them smiling bigger after munching on the ice-milk Cool Ranch Doritos tacos. I just know I

  • hate cool ranch Dorito breath. It's like a giant gay cowboy with halitosis belched after french kissing the camp cook after eating a plate of weasel and beans. So these smiling idi

  • Ots were useful for promoting globalism. Put a starbucks on each street corner and they will go there. Top rank argonauts published any yellowish manuscript to read ten times.

  • The Golden Fleece is what the financial markets came to call it. They laid the whole kit and kaboodle at the feet of Jason of Thebes. He wore both shoes these days as CEO of Theban

  • Enterprises, but in his fourth year, Jason made radical changes when his CFO, Theseus, fired and replaced the whole of upper management without warning one cloudy afternoon.

  • Jason didn’t really understand anything to do with business management— he had lied on his resumé— so he was that he’s next to be fired. He completely changed, starting with his

  • undies, having crapped himself upon getting the news. No longer aromatic, Jason burst into his boss's office, demanding an explanation. "How about the fact that you bankrupted the

  • company?!" Jason screamed. "Oh, keep your short on," replied the boss. But by then it was too late.



  1. IceSquad Jan 31 2019 @ 13:06

    It would seem Jason wasn't the only one to have failed business school.

  2. Zetawilk Jan 31 2019 @ 15:19

    Economics is all Greek to me anyway.

  3. Woab Jan 31 2019 @ 16:21

    Somehow I didn't type the second "s" in "shorts". Perhaps I have failed business school as well.

  4. IceSquad Jan 31 2019 @ 16:51

    Don't sell yourself shorts.

  5. IceSquad Jan 31 2019 @ 16:53


  6. Woab Jan 31 2019 @ 16:54

    So true, IceSquad my friend. Long story short: the last time I sold myself shorts they were too long.

  7. SlimWhitman Feb 01 2019 @ 09:19

    I've nominated this for a Newdingles Shorts Story Award.

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