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  • two give the shill my queue. Three four hit me some more. Five six pick up the chips. Seven eight notice too late. Nine ten we're

  • in jail again. Ten nine nobody's fault but mine. Eight seven please call the reverend. Six five I don't deserve to be alive. Four three tell Mom I'm sorry. Two one goodbye son.

  • The teen put the gun to his head and unleashed the bullet upon his head. They found him later the next day. His young wife was informed and his son watched as his mother cried.

  • The son grew up with vengeance in his heart over his father's death. He bought nun chucks online and began a rigid training regiment. He was ready to fight crime and prevent teen

  • age chicks from becoming fans of One Direction. What kind of band is that anyway? With his newly purchased nunchucks, he bought an old Chuck Norris DVD & started practicing his

  • moves. Before Chuck Norris was born, they were called nunbarrys. No one ever found out what happened to Barry. Soon, he would be a first class ninja, then it would be time to

  • buy a wheelchair. This will help deceive the Lord of Drimple. Nun was always aware that deception was a way into a Queen's heart. Drimple's Queen had five feet and one uncle, she

  • pondered on this quickly. All I need are five shoes and I can set off for Drimbles lair, deep within Custard Castle but first I must eat, and eat I shall. The barnacles were hot

  • as all get out, but I consumed them with a passion I reserved only for raw oysters. Now energized, I leapt across the moat, swung into the lair, stole the shoes & saved the day!



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