The trees in the forest created a barrier

  • The trees in the forest created a barrier between the dragon and me. As I walked closer to the forest, I noticed something on the ground. It was

  • the abandoned road that ran through the quarry. Ah ha! Back in 7th grade I read about how magnetite was a dragon deterrent, at least in the tabloids. There wasn't much time to test

  • as the dragon was rushing towards them, throwing ricks. He grabbed the magnetite and threw it back, before long the dragon was crying on the ground calling for its mother.

  • The dragon's mother came screeching and gathered all of the ricks and shoved them into her mouth She chewed and chewed but spat them out finally. Ptui!

  • The dragon spread his wings, taking to the air. He felt quite unsafe here, and decided perhaps it was high time he find somewhere else to make his home.

  • He figured China was dragon-friendly and flew there making his new home on the roof of a fireworks factory with lax inspections.

  • Dragon friendly, china was. Flying his dragon around was amazing but what truly got him excited was everytime he landed on his new home on the roof, the fireworks would go off

  • and other dragons would appear for a moment from the smoke or the fog, sometimes even the stars. One day his dragon said, "You should know that the Earth is my Pearl." He didn't qu

  • quit his LSD intake, rather- he upped it. Now dragons would appear for longer, and emerge from behind his nana's apron. His dragon spoke about Earth being his pizza. It all rocked!

  • The pepperoni thanked him for his patronage.



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