My grayish mane of hair was still quite popular

  • My grayish mane of hair was still quite popular with the ladies. Maybe they associated it with affluence. But during three nightmare filled days in January it all turned white.
  • I realized that soon, my pubic region would do the same. I cannot have that. I spent a long time trying to perfect my craft of Abe Lincoln out of my pubes but soon it will look
  • like ZZ top. But I needed worry, I was smoking weed in bed naked and a spark from my monster joint fell into the palmade-laden body hair and "POOF!"
  • I was thus de-haired and now resembled one of those ratty little dogs that skinny bitches carry around in baskets and occasionally nibble on.
  • The I realized I was daydreaming. I still had hair, but was almost naked and smothered in grease. "C'mon kid!" Manny commanded. We was busting out. It was cold as hell. "Manny!"
  • When we're out, can we go to the Waffle House? I've been dreaming of hashbrowns, smothered, covered, diced, & chunked." Manny grunted as we made our escape. The prison guard never
  • shut up about his Waffle House breakfasts. He got the works, every time. Meanwhile, we'd been living on prison bran for 12 years. Manny grunted again "Bathroom, fast. I gotta go."
  • I stood outside, feeling conspicuous in my orange jumpsuit. I wished Manny would hurry it up in there. While I was waiting, I noticed a little old lady staring at me. "Aren't you
  • supposed to be helping old-lady types like me across roads?" No, I lied. Its a hunting suit- It means I'm allowed to have weapons on me. Isnt that right, Manny? (Manny popped out
  • of the trash can.) "Yessir!" "Excellent," The Punisher said, and with that, he promptly shot the old lady in the face. "That was for annoying me by speaking, you old bag!"


  1. PurpleProf Feb 04 2014 @ 15:23

    Shoulda treated the old lady to a waffle instead.

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