"What ... the ... fuck? Totally stink in

  • "What ... the ... fuck? Totally stink in here, dude," Brian said, holding his nose. We opened the closet, and Adrian's body tumbled out, wrapped head to toe in plastic.

  • I noticed some geek was playing GameBoy outside. The plastic then unwrapped himself. I dunno why, but i didn't care. A few hours later

  • I took a shower and another limb fells off. This was getting serious.

  • My grammar was getting worse! Of course my limb didn't "fells" off, it "fell" off! What the hell was happening to me, I though while I ride my unicorn into the skyline.

  • My spelling was getting worse! Of course I didn't "though," I "thought"! "What the hell is happening to me?" I wondered as my unicorn landed atop a palm tree in Venezuela.

  • but as I dismounted, I didn't know whether I should say I was "there" or "their" with "there" or "their" unicorn! Wait... is one of them "they're"?? Then I suddenly realized:

  • They are coming! With me standing here alongside of this unicorn, I couldn't just pretend that I was out for a stroll through the nice starry night. I looked about for a place to

  • conceal this wondrous mythological creature and/or drop a monster grumpy. I had had to go ever since coming across the unicorn and

  • I covered it in a blanket. If it wasn't for that silly horn of his, he would be inconspicuous and well-hidden. I tried my best to hide the horn, but I heard footsteps...

  • the footsteps got so loud, as loud as the footsteps of a million marching soldiers, and after that -- I grabbed onto his horn and muttered the teleportation spell. Safe at last.



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