It always starts like this. Shy flirtations,

  • It always starts like this. Shy flirtations, forming private jokes. We smile at each other from across the table and look away quickly. Nobody seems to notice, so I nudge his foot

  • with mine and he winces, not yet used to the feel of my prosthetic limb. I could've chosen a lighter, more practical material, but my mahogany toes with their deep brown colour are

  • just what the doctor ordered. My tenant keeps inviting herself over and begging to touch it.I find it quite liberating when the dark rich texture of my third

  • leg dangles in the breeze. I thought it was just terrific but I was surprised when my tenant just went ahead and touched it. Her hand was cold but

  • extremely warty. It looked like a giant five-fingered Lego. In fact, I went inside and got my Darth Maul Lego set and started attaching pieces to her hand. What occurred was

  • not entirely unexpected from the eyes of a child but looking back as an adult I realize that some laws of nature must have severly bent to explain it. Once Darth Maul took shape

  • of a bucket of water - using his Wonder Twins powers he stole after killing the twins with a set of chopsticks and stealing their rings.

  • It was quite a collection he had, the Green Lantern's, that Hobbit's, the Wonder Twins', and even Underdog's. He wore them all on one hand. He was intimidating, until the Wraiths

  • showed up with their class rings from Mordor Preparatory School. "These gems came from the Mines of Moria," the Wraiths boasted. Overcome with envy, the ring collector drew his

  • portrait on a cocktail napkin, and whispered consolations into its ear. "There there, you will have prettier gems soon. Just wait..." But anger clenched his fist and crumpled the



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    Oops! Didnt see that I had the last line. Sorry. Only been on the site for less than a day. : p

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    Chapter Two is now at large ;-)

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