Spacey LaFete lived in a Quonset hut down

  • Spacey LaFete lived in a Quonset hut down at the southern end of Turkey Creek, a place where the Wallahatchi once roamed...where now there are trailers filled with Rednecks.
  • Now Spacey was a tolerant feller, & wasn't fazed by truckloads of rednecks living nearby, but they imposed Prohibition, which meant bathing was forbidden. To keep clean, Spacey had
  • had to lick away the dirt and grime off of himself as if he were a feline. It was the only way to cheat the bathing prohibition. It was disgusting but there was no other option.
  • Luckily he had a long and effective tongue (or so he had been told) and in a jiffy he was all spic and span and ready for the world. The bathing prohibition had been instituted
  • by the stuffy government, inadvertently awakening some long forgotten instinct to groom with naught but saliva and a prehensile tongue.
  • Before long, the elected officials were crouching in their own waste and picking nits from each other's receding hairlines. Vines began to grow in the capitol dome, and nothing
  • good dared walk the streets when the sun was out. Night time it was even more deserted. The Supreme Court building became the last redoubt still claiming to be the United States of
  • America's legal justice system. Nobody cared about laws and regulations anymore. They didn't have time. In the town's broken, ravaged streets, it was only a game of survival.
  • but that didn't stop Gary from screaming about the dangers of jay walking. God damn it, Gary, it's the end of the world! Go eat a cat or something! Maybe I should stab him. Yeah.
  • So I did...& awoke to more screaming. OMG! I stabbed GARY for REAL while I was sleep jaywalking! I smacked my forehead. "IDIOT!!" I said to myself. A cat meowed in the distance.


  1. PurpleProf Jun 14 2019 @ 17:27

    What a nightmare! HAHAAA!

  2. MingusMangus Jun 14 2019 @ 17:33


  3. LordVacuity Jun 14 2019 @ 17:50

    You can take the cat out of the bath water but you can't take the Catskills out of Appalachia.

  4. BlastedHeath Jun 18 2019 @ 06:31


  5. Woab Jun 27 2019 @ 16:45

    Hey! We've passed 100 likes on good ol' Spacey LaFete!

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