The Elite of the FoldingStory Leaderboard

  • The Elite of the FoldingStory Leaderboard convened to discuss some troubling matters. On the agenda: (1) Non-compliance with the FS Rules and (2) the passive aggressive use of
  • folds to berate those thinking differently (3) Whether a zombie kumquat should get honorary Foldizen Status for rescuing a story? After squabbling on points 1 & 2 the Folding Elite
  • were struck by bolts of lightning from their computers. FoldingStory creators Ben, Noah, Geoff & Dan looked down from above on their users and shook their heads. The Folding Elite
  • had rings with special powers that allowed them to circumvent the laws of physics. The perpetual motion machine built by the Folding Elite was displayed at the Crystal Palace Exhib
  • ition Center, next The Folding Elite took their magical machine to the CERN, where it was implemented with the LHC, and thus a new era in Quantum Science began. They discovered
  • that folding space was a good way to combine story folders from disparate regions of the universe into the Überfolder, the Megazord of plot advancement. The Folding Elite's robotic
  • boba tea maker was on the fritz which weakened the Folding Elite's creative wave. They sacrificed a manateee to the Uberfolder in the hopes of
  • rescuing this story but no creative guidance was available from the Uberfolder who seemed to be asleep. We were on our own. FFS it's fold 7 - we should be bringing this home by now
  • I poked the Uberfolder with my elbow."Huhh?" he said sleepily."It's your turn!" I shouted in his ear. "Oh...OK, OK.I was just resting my eyes."The Uberfolder yawned at the keyboard
  • and promptly dozed off. Uberfolder he was, narcolepsy is a demanding mistress. In his absence, some loser had to finish the story instead. Oh, to envy the narcoleptic!


  1. SlimWhitman Oct 31 2013 @ 04:43

    I still think a zombie kumquat would have helped...

  2. lucielucie Oct 31 2013 @ 06:18

    I can't count.

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