Now that I'm filthy rich, I will donate 0.1%

  • Now that I'm filthy rich, I will donate 0.1% of my money, and morons will praise me for it. 30 million $ * 0.1% = 30 000$. Scale this to average savings: 10 000$ * 0.1% = 10$.

  • That's right. Me buying a new car means as much as you buying a Big Mac combo. It feels so good to be in the top 10% of the country. But then the economy

  • in this country leaves so much to be desired that being in the top 10% still means that I have to live in a crumbling, rat-infested flat, regardless of how many Ferraris I can buy.

  • "Man!" I said to myself, "Life sure is hard for the rich in our crumbling society!"

  • I got off my tiger fur armchair and strolled wearily towards the window. The beggars, thieves, welfare queens, and those jealous of your affluence were out on the streets rioting.

  • So of course I had to warn you, in the most dramatic way. But it was not without the most passionate and fanart-worthy of kisses before we fled out to the parade square, as if like

  • Leander and Hero, we had a sore need to swim in the cement pond for the sake of appearances. There was a Story they were selling and it would be bad for business if the truth got

  • Out. The water had to be added along with chlorine. There was no other way they could swim. Leander and Hero took notes daily in a notebook using fountain pens. Red ink today, they

  • predicted, and black ink tomorrow when Leander and Hero were sure that everyone would clamor in to buy their Chlorine Elixir of the Gods. But Gods aren't worried about germs, and

  • therefore the germ army will one day take over. The Gods will be overthrown, and their decision to replace petite pois with plastic will be once again forgotten, leaving my kids to



  1. Servant Oct 17 2016 @ 23:35

    What this started 2 years ago? Time flies....

  2. Servant Oct 17 2016 @ 23:35


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