Alphabetizing benefits catalogers, dare even

  • Alphabetizing benefits catalogers, dare even fancies? Guess he's in, just kindof lax mentioning nothing of potential. Query reaction since they understand

  • valuable worrisome x-rays yield zealous yellow xylophones with voracious undermining tendencies socially rejected quails parlay over. Now, mariachi lemurs kill Jesus impersonators

  • that are haters of everything. The phrase "Haters gonna Hate" applies here, as no noobz who play CoD are here.

  • Hating was deep in their personality and nobody was exempt. Then one day, a wee Scottish lassy with a bow in her hair walked into the

  • bar, head held high, and showed them what being at a level above them all truly meant. As of that moment, these poor souls were completely in her control. She knew this and wasn't

  • going to let them go. i mean, really, its fun watching a bunch of world leaders doing synchronized chicken dancing. So, I then made them sing "ode to joy". But then it happened

  • They all started streaking and running in circles. Once they got tired, they went to the circus.

  • Once at the circus they decided to feed the elephants and

  • all was going well 'til Herman started telling Pachyderm jokes. "Where do elephants with skin problems go?. Pachydermatologists! Get it? Pachy.. derm.." At this point the Elephants

  • had had enough. The matriarch stomped with disapproval, and all the herd crushed him to death. Apparently he had told that stupid joke years ago, and the elephants hadn't forgotten



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