Patter patter. splat splat splat. 1000 years

  • Patter patter. splat splat splat. 1000 years of drought were ending Steadily it became more. A torrential downpour. The natives thought the sky was falling, running for shelter,
  • they squeezed into the cleric's hut. "It has been foretold that dihydrogen monoxide would fall, and greens would shoot up from the ground," he said. "We must forsake our sand diets
  • for sandwiches." He said, "Although it will cost the life of a great heavy set female hippy singer, we will pray to the Ham Sandwich." Moses came down the mountain with a rebuen
  • esque smile to find Martha on the altar covered in ham sandwiches. Moses chucked away his stone tablets & yelled, "I don't know why I bother with you lot!" But then he ate of a ham
  • Sandwich and became hooked on them. Martha made the best sandwiches using bread from Whole Foods. The Russian deli was where she bought ham and cheese daily. Chef Romanov won the
  • Best sandwich making contest, making Chef Romanov famous for his amazing sandwich-stacking skills. He could build a sandwich out of anything including
  • Aunt Harriet's used shower cap. Yes, Chef Romanov's sandwiches were famous, but they were inedible. So the price went to Vince Vladderbury for his chewing gum and cashew butter
  • but Protocol Officer leaned in and reminded the Prince that the 1215 Treaty of Nantes in which his Grandsire, had renounced forever, for himself and his progeny, chewing gum. The P
  • rince replied, "Well, after all, I suppose you can't rock and chew gum at the same time." He pulled out his electric guitar and made it sing, much to the delight of his subjects.
  • And so I say, Dearly Beloved we're here to get through this thing called life when we write on Folding Story & remember if the elevator tries to bring you down punch a higher floor


  1. m80 Jul 03 2017 @ 19:54

    R.I.P. Prince

  2. SlimWhitman Jul 04 2017 @ 02:25

    Was it a 1000 year purple rain?

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