The casino owner didn't want to talk to this

  • The casino owner didn't want to talk to this washed-out black woman. But she brought in some old white musicians and she said, "my group is called Tina Turner Overdrive." The owner
  • rolled his eyes, shook his head, and told Whoopi to go back to The View, as her new "Sister Act" montage was about 20 years too late.
  • Her agent was crawling behind her begging Whoopi to please forgive her. She had been sure this would work. Wait how about putting you an Irish dance retinue he pleaded. Flatly can
  • play a mean fiddle, and I'll accompany on the bodhran!" She looked at him blankly, as she vainly tried to remember the elementary school music class where that instrument had been
  • She picked up her fiddle. He introduced the other players. "Mike here plays a mean crumhorn, and Ezekiel has an electric hammered dulcimer. We like to play Nordic Pagan Prog Rock."
  • "Um, I can play the fiddle," she responded, but tried to silently hint to Mike, Ezekiel & the band that she hadn't a clue what Nordic, Pagan, Prog or even Rock really meant. Tuned
  • out as usual, Ezekiel mostly missed her nonverbal signals that she was out of her depth in this conversation about music genres. However Mike chimed in just then, "Fiddles are cool
  • because the are violins." Good, now Mike was the moron. She was glad that Ezekiel's disapproving look was not directed at her. So she
  • went back to what she wanted to be doing before all this sh*t with ol' Mike started: baking banana bread. As that wonderful warm scent filled the kitchen, Ezekiel smiled & sighed.
  • "There is nothing quite as satisfying as a hot cup of coffee and a thick slice of warm banana bread, " he mumbled around the large bite in his mouth. She smiled and kissed him.


  1. PurpleProf Aug 08 2013 @ 18:01

    Banana bread makes everything alright.

  2. Chaz Aug 08 2013 @ 23:17

    Nothing like black bananas casting guilt from the fridge. I made some bread today with zucchini, yum :)

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