Soulreaver, Blade of the Necromancer, was

  • Soulreaver, Blade of the Necromancer, was on a card table for 5 bucks next to a stack of Reader's Digest and a Easy-Bake oven with the bulb missing.

  • John set down the Matisyahu CD, not really sure what the deal was with a Jewish rapper, and picked up the sword. Soulreaver pulsed gently in his hand. A subtle light shone from the

  • Android smartphone. He had received a notification, notifying him that a story that he had once collaborated in in the FoldingStory app was now finished. He eagerly picked up his

  • socks and dropped his cock as the army Drill Sgt. had demanded (how did he always know?). He went onto folding story to see what had been added to his fold. Uh-oh,

  • nothing was added. He promptly added a new fold. Then it happened. He'd been banned for being too fabulous. Now his sock less cock was exposed to the drill Sgt. and he was foldless

  • so he stole the cock's thunder & Cock a doodled while throwing the cock a sock from behind while also flinging the chock key at the drill Sgt who then changed the bit by adding a Z

  • to become the Drill Zargeant. But speaking of roosters, we believe promptness is a crucial virtue, and tardiness will not be tolerated in this barnyard. If I see you turning up

  • your nose at any of our hens' freshly laid eggs, our rooster will strut your way and give you a good pecking. And you'd deserve it, too. Just because the eggs are weird colors

  • is no reason not to tape them to your hat. You've got to be progressive with your fashion choices after all if you want the Great Chicken King to sit up and take notice of your

  • appearance, you got to put effort into it!" But the truth was Chicken King had particular standards which no amount of stuff taped to headwear could meet.Unless they were feathers.



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 01 2019 @ 09:08

    Epic, the Soulreaver and the Chicken King in one and the same story!

  2. Woab Feb 01 2019 @ 16:21

    "Just because the eggs are weird colors is no reason not to tape them to your hat" is a fine, fine snippet of literature. Keep 'em coming, T.C.!

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