I keep wanting to get offline and sleep,

  • I keep wanting to get offline and sleep, but right before I do, I keep thinking to my self, "just one more fold, one more stumble, one more reddit, one more search... etc." Help m
  • Help was offered by logic: "StumbleUpon is all repeats, Reddit locks old posts to prevent voting, and search engines are very unreliable now that everything's gone commercial."
  • Upon hearing this, I came to the conclusion that there was no longer anything worth living on this planet for. Using my device, I opened up a dimensional void and stepped through.
  • I stepped into a brightly-lit, colorful land full of large mushrooms, some of which were walking toward me. Green pipes dotted the hills, and cubes of brick floated in the air.
  • One mushroom with a menacing brow approached me. Unsure what to do, I jumped in the air and came down on his head. He vanished! I'd accidentally bumped my head on a floating brick,
  • and a giant coin crashed into the ground and magically deposited into a bank account over my head. I also learned I a had brother, Luigi. The gigantic green pipe was too much for
  • me to afford now, what with Luigi movin' in with me and all, but I'm gonna keep savin' all my coins until I can get it. Luigi nodded enthusiastically. He liked big green pipes too
  • Soon I found that I had 120 coins. How I got these coins... oh I could never tell Luigi. I feared he would be upset.. after all I
  • was Princess Peach and deserved to spend it all on bling. Diamonds are a girls best friend.
  • Unless the girl has an allergy to diamonds, which Princess Peach was. I've never seen someone die so painfully...


  1. squalor Jan 07 2013 @ 00:18

    had, not was.

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