I miss my cat so much.

  • I miss my cat so much.
  • Her soft, sweet-smelling fur and the way she cuddled up to me. She was the most gentle creature I'd ever loved.
  • She was pink and smelled of cake frosting, reminding me of birthday bliss, but she was rather a heavy creature, being an equine and all. Now, if only I knew how to speak pony.
  • But neigh, I did not. I'd have to find another way to communicate with this glorious pink equus. She shook her mane & stared into my unblinking eyes. Her cake-scented breath
  • made me instantly hungry even though I was still full from a lunch of condensed milk and moon pies. The Pink Equus's mane was composed of cookie sprinkles and its hooves were
  • Covered with fairy dust in about six colours. She was Mr. Ed's offspring, and talked like her famous father.
  • She was perfect. I walked up to the fairy horse girl and introduced myself, she whinnied in reply. We've been dating for 6 months.
  • Everything has been perfect, except for a few warbles that have erupted from my skin. The fairy horse girl and I have talked about marriage, but her mother, the horse-faced woman,
  • insisted that I have a million dollars & red 60's lunch box engraved with free love on beforewe could marry. The fairy horse girl stroking my warbling skin whispered lets elope
  • I turned to her with love in my eyes. "Fair horse girl, I'd do anything for you, but I'm deathly allergic to elopement, and I don't own any lunchboxes." She dumped me on the spot.


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