The butterfly landed on the flower, it's

  • The butterfly landed on the flower, it's wings threatening to sail away in the wind. But the ant, in the stamen looked up and said something really harsh. "Is it true that
  • success is within when one conquers the reactive mind?" The butterfly looked down on the ant. "What are you saying? That we're all just responding to external stimuli without any
  • will of our own?" The ant replied, "Do you think I want to carry heavy junk? We are but dust and shadow, of movers primordial, and - ow, my thorax." The butterfly read aloud from
  • Above, a poem by Goethe about ants. The butterfly flew off, to avoid the next shot of Roundup. The ant went back underground. Roundup is toxic stuff, indeed.
  • Hardly on par with Faust but the poem's message found its target. Goethe had foreseen the scourge that Roundup would be & had used the butterfly & ant as metaphors to convey his wa
  • -wa pedal to the concert. Metallica performed their traditional cover of the Reading Rainbow theme song, and we were just left to stare at them quietly so we could hear the music.
  • We were so quiet that a big-haired librarian gave us each a gold star and a pop-up book for being so good. She didn't realize that we were just saving our voices for our next show.
  • "The alien and the Ant Farm." Basically the guy made some strong points with some minor dis-information and the fire-ants ate him. However, to avoid contamination by Cuntaminators.
  • The censors immediately jumped on the previous folder's unfortunate misspelling and released a redacted version of the fold the next day. "Contaminators" became the new joke of the
  • week, and a parade was organized but cancelled at the last minute, owing to a sudden outbreak of good judgment. From that day forward, the sun seemed to shine a little less.


  1. KieferSkunk May 19 2023 @ 22:01

    How deeply philosophical, with just a touch of metal and some minor redaction.

  2. KieferSkunk May 19 2023 @ 22:13

    Also, because of how many tabs I have open in Chrome at the moment, the tab for this FoldingStory perfectly reads "The butt". :)

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