There was a time, aerosol spray was the future.

  • There was a time, aerosol spray was the future.

  • That was then, and this is now... the polar ice caps have been damaged by the global warming due to the

  • Bean craze. This is worse than when organic took over. Everyone began to starve, and now beans, beans for everybody! Beans, beans, the musical fruit...The more you eat the more

  • acute your bagpipe salute, so partake and masticate a plate of legumes, for retorting a charge of pulses to plumes, and exhuming from your bowels the fumes of doom,

  • generating a mass exodus from the room, as minions flee with each sonic boom. Who knew a mere seed could elicit such perfume; a bowl of them... noxious reek that wafts to Khartoum

  • . Blistered nose hairs are left in its wake, perhaps something died down at the lake. Could dead fish be the source of the reek? More likely Big Ed simply lifted a cheek.

  • 'Cuse me now but it's time for a doze. If you're looking for a chair, you may take one of those. Head down to the water if you be wantin' food. Give Ed a wide berth incase he pooed

  • .' read the clue. I wonder why this piece of Jake's puzzle prompts me to take a chair, go to the beach, and watch out for anything that Eddi might have left behind.

  • There was a high priest sitting next to me at the ice cream bar and he said, "I know the answer, but before we meet tomorrow, you must visit the Museum of Surgical Events and find

  • Nurse Nancy. She owes me."Then he smiled & winked. I decided right there & then that there was no way I was gonna do anything this lowdown high priest asked. Nurse Nancy is my MOM!



  1. PurpleProf Mar 10 2016 @ 18:35

    What talented poets have we here on FS! LOL!

  2. Chaz Mar 10 2016 @ 22:15

    He knew we could parlance with such flatulence?

  3. 49erFaithful Mar 13 2016 @ 23:22

    Would a pooet by any other name, smell so sweet?

  4. SlimWhitman Mar 14 2016 @ 14:09

    I'm a pooet and I didn't even shoo it.

  5. IceSquad Mar 14 2016 @ 15:13

    Why is this story garnering so much attention?

  6. 49erFaithful Mar 14 2016 @ 18:19

    Because even adults like toilet humor?

  7. IceSquad Mar 14 2016 @ 19:08

    You'd think that at the Depend age it would stop seeming funny.

  8. SlimWhitman Mar 14 2016 @ 20:01

    Depends only seam funny, but they^re full of it.

  9. PurpleProf Mar 14 2016 @ 20:37

    Y'all are a bunch of real commodians.

  10. IceSquad Mar 14 2016 @ 22:30

    Well poot, Professor!

  11. SlimWhitman Mar 22 2016 @ 14:26

    This story could use some aerosol spray of the future.

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