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  • The taste of the frankenfoods sold at the Chinese Factory Outlet or the franken-creatures made with GMO ingredients that were proposed to fight the so called Zika viruses infecting

  • our feet with a big band boogie that we can NOT stop dancing to. The quasi-chinese GMO based freedom fighters did their best to combat this but the boogie was too strong. They knew

  • there was only one way to stop this: deploy counter-music that would be undanceable. Agent Huang dialed HQ. "Deploy Protocol Vanilla Enya." Five minutes later, speakers crashed

  • out the vile sounds of Milli Vanilli getting an enema. It was not what Agent Huang had requested, but it did the trick. The place cleared out and finally Huang could get some work

  • dung. . .I mean--done! Sorry. . .I just couldn't get the vision of both Mili and Vanili getting simultaneous enemas out of my mind. It's as if my mind had been scarred for life

  • . . .and it had been. Videos of Milli Vanili enemas, real or fake, started appearing on every network--CNN, MSNBC, BBC. . .even FOX. Videos of the POTUS administering the enemas

  • & making references to 2 Girls 1 Cup while his flunkies stood repulsed by his Presidential antics, went viral until even Daddy Vladimir had to step in out from behind the curtain.

  • "It was me!" Putin shouted. "Yes, I was behind the camera of that wonderful 2 girls 1 cup video. It was all an elaborate plan to dull the world's minds, soon it all will be mine!"



  1. MadWorld Aug 05 2017 @ 10:51

    From gibberish to elaborate mind control plans. . .this is what makes Folding Stories. . .

  2. MadWorld Aug 05 2017 @ 11:01

    . . .I haven't cried this hard since the "Mooch" and his henchmen tried to remove all my molars with a bacterially infected pocketknife covered in bacterially contaminated Formosan Macaque blood.

  3. Woab Aug 05 2017 @ 14:18

    There there, Madworld, there there... *pats hand*

  4. MadWorld Aug 06 2017 @ 16:20

    Thanks for the pep talk, Woab! I was teetering on the edge. . .very close to the edge.

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