I have an idea!

  • I have an idea!
  • Is this idea as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?
  • Perhaps not. But it is rather good. My idea is to gather the world's shiniest pebbles and a lot of glue. Then we can
  • perhaps build a concave satellite dish with enough reflective power to signal to them." Heinrich sighed with exasperation. "You just don't understand. That's why
  • you can't get laid. Instead of taking this opportunity to get nasty with that Naval Officer, you would rather spend your time on doing something practical like trying to get us res
  • -cued from this ship!" I finished my rant panting a little with the force of my feelings about it. I couldn't believe he'd waste time on something like that when we needed to get
  • into the lifeboat and lowered down to the sea before the whole schmear went down. I tried to wrestle him onto the lifeboat, but he insisted on going back for seconds at the buffet.
  • He went back, but the staff had already broken the buffet down, what with the ship sinking and all. As my lifeboat lowered, he stood forlornly on the deck, plate and fork in hand.
  • Even from the lifeboat, I could hear his stomach rumbling as he stood on the ship's deck metres away. He turned and vanished into the bowels of the ship. I wondered if I'd ever see
  • him again, what with all that had transpired. But literally seconds later, his head popped back up & he was holding an armful of Chips Ahoy cookies "For everyone!" he shouted. YAY!


  1. PurpleProf Jun 05 2019 @ 20:24

    This is like a scene from Dumb & Dumber. LOL!

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