He gurgled, he growled. He huffed and he

  • He gurgled, he growled. He huffed and he squinted. The ground rolled and the dust lit gloom hovered. The praying mantis lifted his cataract coated goggles and peered into the dist

  • -distance. Zooming in, he choked after careful examination. Through his perspective, he saw a T-Rex, the Terminator, and an Alien together. Clearly, they wanted him dead!

  • This studio would be the death of James Cameron. They wanted a T-Rex, Alien, Terminator mash-up? He yelled, "Why not throw Titanic in there?" And that's how Jurassic Clash of the T

  • erminating Xenomorphs Vs. The Sinking Ship came to be. Cameron couldn't believe it; the producers must be crazy. How could such a creature sneak onto the Titanic, for starters?

  • It was easy since the staff was so distracted by the water. These creatures were better swimmers than humans! Dame Margot Fonteyn was able to escape by heliboat, with her husband.

  • Just as she was boarding the vehicle, she was awestruck at the thought of how far human engineering had come. She decided to take a tour on the history of the heliboat, marvelling

  • at its speed and effortless interface. By then, she realized she was on a HELLBOAT, not a helioboat as she had first thought.

  • No wonder the food was so bland and the show mediocre. At least the River Styx was calm as Hades loomed in the steering room window. She went out on deck for a smoke and discovered

  • that she was right all along

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  1. earthquakes Dec 16 2016 @ 08:00

    'Twas a period piece

  2. Woab Dec 16 2016 @ 11:09

    Hokey smokes, this story faded into oblivion. I didn't know they could do that.

  3. Flopp Dec 16 2016 @ 16:39

    That full stop at the end.... That is true literature! We have lived in a society of lies and corruption, where too long has the full stop been kept from us. Now it is time to rekindle the passion for grammar and join the goodwill and cause of spreading grammar to the world! (Sorry for the micro-rant)

  4. earthquakes Dec 16 2016 @ 17:52

    Fight the power!

  5. SlimWhitman Dec 17 2016 @ 06:01

    sometimes a full stop is all that's needed

  6. foldmeonce Dec 17 2016 @ 16:59


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