No one would every guess my password. I took

  • No one would every guess my password. I took the numbers 1 through 5, and typed them in ... backwards!

  • That's when I knew Chaz's account had been hacked. He was the type to include glagolithic puns and a few runes in his password. But who had the means, and the motive? My monitor

  • started to flicker and then I saw blood running down the inside of the screen. It ran through the wire to the computer. The disc drive sprang opened & blood gushed over my cubicle

  • wife. Funny, now that she's drenched in blood, I no longer want her in that sort of passive aggressive way. That's how cubicle marriages are. Fleeting and drab.

  • Feeling sick, I pull over the nearest desk chair and sit squarely onto a pin sticking out of the cushion. After screaming my lungs out, I look to the crumpled form at my feet.

  • With growing horror, I realize the corpse with the agonized look was the last dude to have sat on the pin. I need poison control, now! Oops, I speed dialed the Sean Hannity show...

  • "Hello, this is Sean Hannity. I'm not here right now. In case of accidental voodoo, please leave a message." I didn't know where to begin. "There was this poisoned pin, and this

  • Stolen bottle of Valium that you were looking for. Remember? That was when the riots happened and you were told not to report it. Mr. Gigabyte himself made that decision." The

  • newspapers help you up as the Bad Boy and Mr. Gigabyte distanced himself with an inconvenient trip to Pluto to "look after our Plutonian assets in light of the Queens belligerence.

  • His financial advice and care led to a great fortune. The queen soon looked to you for tips on how to care for the crown jewels. Then knighted you and Mr. Gigabyte sirs bad boys.



  1. Woab Jan 30 2017 @ 16:26

    Ooh, this one is scoring fairly well.

  2. Flopp Feb 11 2017 @ 12:06

    This is like a new genre. Comedy horror

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