All three of us crowded around the Ouija

  • All three of us crowded around the Ouija Board. The second, excited, asked "Hey, does using this make us necromancers?" "Nay, 'tis but marked plastic." Noted the fourth.

  • "Let us consult the magic orb!" replied the first. "Magic Orb are we necromancers?" replied the second shaking vigourously. "Reply hazy ask again." replied the ball.

  • "Are we necromancers, Magic Orb?" repeated the first as he snatched the orb from the second's hands. "Look, I'm dead tired. Ask again tomorrow," was the orb's reply. The two looked

  • funny holding it in their hands. "Hold it too long, and they will say we're playing with it," Number One joked, and like usual Number Two dropped the ball. The magic orb bounced

  • The magic orb then morphed into a creature beyond comprehension and began staring at Number One

  • . Since the creature was beyond comprehension, Number One did a perfectly human thing: he pretended it wasn't there,enraging the morphed orb creature. So it became a dapper young

  • dude sporting a stylish suit & slicked back hair. The orb-turned-dapper dude's debonair charm was matched only by its other-worldliness. Only Number One knew the creature's true

  • Name and it was Davis Bowie's son Zowie! Zowie took the U-Bahn to the clipping bureau I worked and showed up with Major Tom. What a surprise! It gave me goosebumps and today Tom is

  • going to space to get married to that nice guy whose name I can't remember, but he seemed nice enough.

  • For once being nice wasn't too bad. But not all the time. That would get boring.



  1. Chaz Nov 29 2017 @ 09:40

    In the first line it says there are three of us. Who is the fourth? Creepy.

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