The wild west saloon fell silent when Baby

  • The wild west saloon fell silent when Baby crawled in. Gun hand at his hip, Snake-eyes Muldoon spoke in whiskey throated baby-talk "Ain't you a cute widdle oobity-boo? Yes you are!

  • Ooh, yes you are, you silly widdle Baby, you!" Baby shot Muldoon right between his snake eyes. "GAH!" Baby blurted & sidled on up to the bar. "Baba!" & pointed to the saloon girl's

  • lambskin jacket hanging from a brass hook on the wall. Baby caressed the buttery leather and slowly began crying. The saloon girl stepped in and sheepishly tried to explain

  • "When Baby was a child there used to live a lurker on the threshold of her house. Nobody knew from which dimension he from and that is all he ever did, lurk, but everybody feared

  • that someday he would tire of lurking and soon become a grabber. The townspeople tended to keep their babies close to home and so the children never learned to

  • avoid the grabber's clutches. So when the Circus came to town, the children all ran out of their houses to their parents' dismay, and they had no idea the grabber

  • was indeed the great French clown Boingeaux, who met the children at the circus door and grabbed them into his freaky caravan out back where he made them watch Jerry Lewis films

  • And then Buckets The Clown made the best pepperoni pizza ever. All the wolves ate it, so he made a four cheese pizza next. Parmesan, gorgonzola, mozzarella and cheddar were present

  • . Buckets the Clown set the 4-cheese pizza before the wolves. They sniffed it and turned up their noses. “But you LIKED the pepperoni one!” said Buckets, shocked. “That’s because w

  • e're carnivores. We eat meat," the alpha wolf explained. Buckets began to feel a little nervous as the wolves exchanged looks. The pack fell upon the clown in a whirlwind of fangs.



  1. Woab Mar 29 2018 @ 14:42

    Who doesn't love a good clown maul?

  2. TarotGuy Mar 29 2018 @ 14:54

    Woab: I don't think the clown was too fond of it!

  3. PurpleProf Mar 29 2018 @ 16:04

    I wonder if the clown tasted funny?

  4. SlimWhitman Mar 30 2018 @ 06:08

    ... and now we know where the expression "He kicked the bucket" comes from.

  5. LordVacuity Mar 30 2018 @ 12:51

    ^ I know no such thing.

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