It seemed like years had gone by since starting

  • It seemed like years had gone by since starting a folding story. Then one day folding story sends me a survey. Do I have ideas? Usually people know better than to ask me this.

  • Of course I have ideas. We all have ideas, don't we? But, honestly, I don't know what they would want. Do they want my opinion on the cosmos, or just a consumer feedback essay?

  • Here's an idea, why don't you go and get me a cup of coffee? And I'll know if you've spit in it. I could tell you were thinking about it. I could see it in your beady little eyes.

  • Go on, shoo, get me my coffee." The apprentice ran off dodging people on the way out. Quinn sauntered up to me "Feaking apprentices, they're like infants! Bumbling stumbling idiots

  • with heads too big for their bodies, drooling and pooping all the time!" I gazed at Quinn's oversized head. He frowned, "my intelligence dictates my cranial capacity. My apprentice

  • Was dressed to kill. He wore a hipster outfit that both he and the customers loved. Never mind if Quinn drooled a lot, a sign he needed to see a dentist. He dressed in camo..

  • and karate chopped Quinn's drooling face. That shut his salivary glands up. After hitting Quinn, he got back to serving the customers in a leaf dress, to blend in with the locals

  • and all was going well until something happened. I don't know what it was but I was looking one way & that something happened behind me & suddenly everything was different except m

  • -y mind. All around me, Christmas starting closing in, even though it was only September 22nd. Fake trees glowed in the hardware stores, inflatable Santas appeared in the Walmarts,

  • cackling witches adorned home improvement stores. Nothing says class like plastic party string lights strewn over doorways and railings! Pumpkins and reindeer and ghosts - oh my!



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