"It's our newest size, the Trenta!" the Starbucks

  • "It's our newest size, the Trenta!" the Starbucks barrista said with a flourish as he displayed the cup. Old news, I thought. I read my BoingBoing and heard about it last week.
  • My kidneys ached just thinking about it. So I
  • lay on the gurney as the dialysis tube was inserted into my arm. Next to me was Milton, who
  • could only speak three words, of which only one was appropriate in the company of his mother. All day, he repeated the word
  • "kel-tip-zix-um, which sent him back to the fifth dimension where he found Bill Cosby eating
  • one of those huge submarine sandwiches . The kind he had to sneak and eat in his Cosby show and the wife always found out. He also thought he seen Captain Caveman
  • but that's when we knew he wasn't the real Bill Cosby. The moment incorrect grammar slipped out of his mouth and wasn't a part of a joke about his kids, we knew he was a replicant
  • . Of course, it could be that Bill Cosby was just a crackhead. Crackhead Bill Cosby (or replicant Bill Cosby) pulled a gun out of a pouch in his stomach (maybe he was a replicant)
  • but with that pouch he a Jaffa. There were a lot of them wandering around after the Stargate teams finished their genocidal wars with all other aliens. Jaffa or not, Bill
  • figured the kamikaze mission would have to go as planned. "Burn in hell, you damn dirty apes", he said, forcing the beaten ship's engine into maximum velocity.


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