The office was on Benson Street, in the half-basement

  • The office was on Benson Street, in the half-basement of a brownstone you wouldn’t necessarily have known was anything other than a residence. Even the discreet plaque below the
  • brass bell was hard to read, a fact that made Holmes very happy! "Watson, this is the place!"
  • "I fail to see..." "That is exactly your problem. The clapper of this bell clearly has no wear. It is not the original. Do you know what that means, Watson?"
  • "Yes, I know what this means. It means that the original bell has been replaced. Why ? I don't know."
  • "You should know. The original bell was important. Now it's gone, and this...thing...is here. You know why, don't you?"
  • "Well, Watson, obviously Prof. Moriarty replaced the bell with a fake one, to suppress the alarm. How do I know?" Holmes produced a derringer. "It's because I helped him. Now DIE!"
  • Watson was no fool and had seen this coming. He ducked; the bullet missed. "Blasted!" Holmes wasn't himself. In fact, it wasn't the real Holmes, but his doppelganger. Watson had to
  • look up that word on Google Translate because he'd never read a Marvel comic from 1963 through 1995. Alas! Holmes's evil twin had used all the data from their shared plan. Blast!
  • I had to make my own server room, it would be about the size of 20 warehouses and in the shape of a strawberry. This way Evil Holmes could never figure out the strawberry structure
  • was the database for us discovering his evil plans. After we built the structure, we quickly tracked down and stopped evil Holmesbefore he could destroy the world.


  1. Crazydance Nov 30 2015 @ 18:32

    This story is outstanding. A like for everyone!

  2. SlimWhitman Nov 30 2015 @ 18:45

    Whaaa? Hey grok, did you channel Holmes or see this story before? Or are YOU his Doppelganger? I am guessing mashysmashy meant the Spiderman double appearing in the Infinity War story. Apparently the German word was coined by Jean Paul in 1796 (wikipedia) and it was first used in English in 1830 (online etymology dictionary), but I couldn't find out what the source was.

  3. SlimWhitman Nov 30 2015 @ 18:47

    Sorry smashysmashy, I fail at typing.

  4. smashysmashy Dec 01 2015 @ 12:36

    I remember seeing so many story lines with doppelgangers and doubles in Marvel comics as a kid. Totally hackneyed fun. Watson would have known the word, but I liked the google translate anachronism too much. I, too, was surprised to see Watson make his way back into the story.

  5. grok Dec 01 2015 @ 12:56

    Heh, Slim, I saw your fold before & recognized The Mysterious Bell in the later folds. Seeing that they lost characters & context without adding new ones, I brought it back on track. It's probably cheating the Fold Fairy, but the evil doppelganger ending was definitely worth it. Congrats all round!

  6. SlimWhitman Dec 01 2015 @ 15:29

    Thanks for clearing that up grok. Fess up time: I too have on rare occasion added to stories which I had seen in earlier folds. Its happened when I was trying to compose a fold and then the time is up. I return to the story and now I see the next fold. I too am happy with the doppelgänger ending.

  7. gravir Dec 04 2015 @ 23:12

    ha ha that is my fave story to date.. thanks to all who folded.

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