So, to make our famous recipe, we will need

  • So, to make our famous recipe, we will need the following ingredients: 1 Large egg, 2kg of margarine, 1 loose woman, 4 olives, a whiff of cow dung, a healthy dollop of

  • jasmine honey, 2 qts. Guiness froth, 2 poached turtle eggs, 4 figs halved, 6 asparagus spears, 2 vanilla pods soaked in rum, 1 pt. melted chocolate & a 2nd libidinous woman tossed

  • in a cedar bowl with "wild caught" salmon chili flakes and pink salt crumbs. This was the most esoteric snack ever created. All food talk would be trumped by my creation.

  • What could it be? The recipe's reader drooled with anticipation. A new kind of coating for pretzels? Would it be practical, though? He read on: Bake at 10,000 degrees Rankine

  • In the barbeque pit for six hours, until ready to be coated with cheese. The recipe recommended cheddar cheese but there was only gorgonzola. So that's

  • why it stinks." "Are you sure you didn't add anything else to the roast? It has an earthy flavor." "Well, I did drag it through the dirt after stealing it and running away from the

  • butcher's wife." "Wait! This meat came from Jorge's? Get it out! Get it out!" The roast was promptly flung into the gutter. Several bundles of sage were lit and the purging stone

  • shattered beneath the roast. The butcher and his wife knew that Jorge would sometimes drive problematic demons into bad meat as a kindness, but this had been a prime cut and now it

  • was prancing around, pitchfork in one shank, seeking out sinners! The butcher & his wife screamed at the sight of their succulent dinner searching for fresh meat itself. They leapt

  • into a cab and went to the nearest vegetarian nudist colony and begged to be taken in. The vegetarian nun at the door frowned at their bloody aprons and released the beets on them.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 20 2016 @ 03:21

    What a beetjuicy pulp tale.

  2. Woab Jul 28 2016 @ 15:29

    Wow! Top story so far this month!

  3. BlastedHeath Jul 28 2016 @ 22:27

    Can we cook, or what?

  4. Woab Jul 29 2016 @ 17:06

    We're cookin' with beets, baybay!

  5. PurpleProf Aug 02 2016 @ 17:05

    I'm hungry! Good job, Foldies!

  6. gravir Aug 07 2016 @ 07:02

    you had me at released the beets...

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