I told myself to not give them any subtext

  • I told myself to not give them any subtext indicators or anything that could be construed as subtext indicators. I dragged their noses in how meta it was. I even wrote this sentenc
  • fully aware that people knew I was was aware that I was conscious of their existence.
  • But if people knew that I was aware of them... well, what does that mean for anyone anyway? Doesn't any sane person know that other people exist? My thoughts were interrupted by
  • the sun. It really is blinding me. I look away and walk to my dad's house, and into my room. I heard a knock from my closet door, but nobody was here except for me. The closet had
  • been haunted for as long as I could remember, but the vengeful ghoul who inhabited it was pretty chill with me. "Steve," I said, "I'm having a moment. Can you haunt me alter?"
  • "Sure I kin haunt yer altar," said Steve: "Hell, I kin haunt yer whole flamin' temple! But can ye spare a ghoul a pint of ale first?" "Gee," I dawdled "is it ok for ye to drink & h
  • aunt? I mean, someone's got to be the designated haunter after all." "Oh quit yer yappin' &draw me an ale." I did as Steve demanded, but saw that the ale went right through him.
  • "Steve, I'm 99% certain you're a ghost." I said. Steve looked at me like I was a dog who just learned how to talk. "Yeah, that's why I used the word 'haunt'". "Ooooooh," I replied.
  • "Join me in the afterlife, darling," said Steve, his ghost hand falling through mine instead of clasping it, "we can marry and spend eternity together." "But Steve," I gasped, "I
  • can’t spend eternity as a phantom; I won’t! Some see-through troll twirling about, flinging spine chills down the backs of young people for a lark. Or could I? Yes… I think I will.


  1. Jimbeau Jun 15 2019 @ 10:14

    ...and they haunted happily ever after.

  2. Woab Jun 18 2019 @ 10:12

    Ver good. But does a sane person see dead people?

  3. Woab Jun 18 2019 @ 10:12

    and y?

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