For what seemed like an eternity, smashysmashy

  • For what seemed like an eternity, smashysmashy looked for three long minutes, trying to find his folding story page in the jumbled mess of tabs.
  • When he finally found it, he scrolled through the folds, seeing Crazydance about fifty times, "Crazy and his folding sprees," he chuckled to himself as he started to fold off of
  • The top of his head speaking soley gibberish except when he exclaimed "MY GRANDMA LIKES PURPLE!"
  • As for the rest of his head, conflicting information was released. The interrogators moved angrily between orifices, playing bad cop good ear and every other permutation available
  • The left hand spoke, "where are we now?"
  • The right thumb shrugged, and the left eye rolled. "No one knows but Brain," stated Hipbone in a manner-of-fact tone. I would ask him, but he's got such a thick skull.
  • And Asking Brian, you got nowhere. He knew it all but would not tell you anything unless you
  • groveled in front of him and called him 'Exalted One'. So, not having him to ask, who did that leave? Wait... I could Google it!
  • But the moment my hands touched the smartphone it also fell under my thrall. It immediately sent out a signal to halt all westbound transatlantic flights in the vicinity of the Bay
  • Area, South of Tampa. My phone went crazy, and grew legs, and just went away. No one ever knew what happened, but me. And that's the story of how I met your Mother.


  1. Crazydance Sep 12 2016 @ 01:17

    Don't know it? Google it!

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