Waking up early in the morning, got up and

  • Waking up early in the morning, got up and looked outside, a man, in a hoodie wearing all black, was standing outside my house staring at me, I thought, "What is he doing there?"

  • He bent down to untie a sneaker, then chucked it at my bedroom window. It cracked the glass and bounced off the roof as it fell to the ground. I jumped back. He grinned, pulling

  • off the other sneaker. He just missed my ear. "Waiting for the other shoe to drop, huh?" my roommate shouted from the upstairs window. I was late on my rent and he was peeved.

  • But he will be more peeved when he learns that I am also late on my period. Yep, preggers. A bun in the oven, which was a shock considering

  • I'm male and he's of a different species, not human at all but great lover. I think. I just wake up afterward and feel sated. I asked if he was an alien he said no I was born here.

  • Close to a year later, I finally noticed how much weight I had lost. I was under 100 pounds, I looked sick. I broached the subject with him and he admitted that during sex he

  • was fantasizing about a morbidly obese woman that he worked with. It infuriated me, after I'd done all this speed and cheap crappy meth to look like what I thought he wanted, and

  • all that only to find out he didn't even want a skeleton! I had grown quite attached to being able to count my own ribs and vertebrae, so I decided to ditch the guy and to look for

  • a Doctor like my mother always advised. I found a chiropractor Dr. Adams & hung around in his office. He called me Eve. At the start of each consultation he'd articulate my vertebr

  • e with a feather duster. I'd laugh from the intense tickling and Dr. Adams would scold me for moving around. He then strapped me to the table and finished his job like that.



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