AGAIN! as if your LIFE depended on it! HEAD,

  • AGAIN! as if your LIFE depended on it! HEAD, shoulders, KNEES and TOES! KNEES and TOES! AGAIN!

  • Frankenstein's monster wanted LIFE so badly. He tore his HEAD from his sockets and placed it next to his TOES. He waited expectantly for approval from his creator

  • His EYES and EARS and MOUTH and NOSE followed closely behind. Frankenstein couldn't believe what his monster just did, of course he didn't approve. The head rolled around like a

  • pumpkin in the back of a van. This just wasn't working out. Frankenstein thought he'd start over again so he grabbed a pitchfork and went after the monster. He stabbed the EARS

  • of an ELEPHANT in the process, he doesn't really know why. The monster was horrified, having just watched his creator stab the appendages of his truest best friend. Frankenstein

  • 's monster burst into tears. he had just lost his truest friend. he grabbed his creator's neck and snapped it off, then decided he would go on a killing spree to avenge the

  • -ater students everywhere who had been misunderstood. The monster knew their pain. He had tried out for the school play every year and never got the lead. This year the play was

  • an adaptation of "Of Mice and Men". Being one of a large stature and having what some (not me) would describe as a "brutish quality," the monster fostered high hopes for his chance

  • At winning the top prize at the hotdog eating contest. He was hoping his bitter rival, that skinny asian dude, wouldn't enter this time. Oh how wrong he was. The little guy could

  • Eat way more and not feel nauseous. This was the only time the former champion didn't secretly give them to his pit bull boxer, who caused the scandal by barking when he was full.



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